Bridesmaid Fashion: Lehenga’s Tips For Killing Your Lead Girl’s Wedding This Summer | Fashion trends

The Covid-19 lockdown and ensuing wedding restrictions have catapulted glitzy fashion alternatives to the outdated wedding planning process, so why should bridesmaids be left behind when planning to kill sister or marriage best friend’s this summer? Honestly, we’re spoiled for choice too given the hordes of options available on the market, from simple styles to glamorous looks and regal lehengas, encouraging us to be the bridesmaid fashion ace this season.

Can’t keep your bridesmaid’s veins calm because your sister or best friend is getting married this summer? Aaliya Deeba, founder of the high fashion brand “Ideebs London”, shared some tips to guide you through the process of selecting a lehenga summer designer keeping in mind the trends since summer has arrived and so are the classic summer weddings but also with with blooming flowers and a light refreshing summer air, wedding preparations can be a hassle due to the heat.

Be sure to keep these fashion tips in mind on how to choose the perfect designer lehenga for the summer bridesmaid:

1. Pay attention to the fabric – It is important to choose the right fabric in the summer, because opting for heavy lehenga materials such as velvets and raw silks could make you feel uncomfortable. So, opting for a light, flowing and airy material like crepe, georgette, chiffon instead will keep your bridesmaids at ease. Besides this, to match the wedding look you can also choose the Banarasi style where the lehenga looks heavy, however, the lehenga fabric is much lighter and more comfortable. You can also opt for cotton blend lehengas or printed lehengas which are in high demand.

2. Give importance to work and embroidery – Since its summer, while choosing a lehenga you should not opt ​​for lehenga which are heavily filled with gold embroidery as this makes the lehenga heavier, instead you can select lehenga with embroideries consisting of prints, threads or mirrors as they make the lehenga look like elegant while being light.

3. Choose the right color – During the summer season, you should give darker shades such as blue, red a break and instead opt for light or pastel colors to enrich the summer mood with colors that are pleasing and soothing to the eyes. You can choose from colors like lilac, yellow, orange or go for the always trendy light colors like light mint, dusty pink, gray-beige and more.

4. Shop the perfect lehenga cut and blouse design – To avoid feeling uncomfortable at the wedding, the cutting of the lehenga during the summer season plays a fundamental role. It’s best to opt for a lehenga with a minimal to medium glow, while going with free-flowing, breezy lehenga cuts. Considering that designs such as off shoulder, off shoulder and cool shoulder blouse designs are the best choice to be comfortable while matching trends. Adapting to the weather with open or lattice backs is also an option you can consider when choosing a lehenga for a bridesmaid.

5. Give importance to jewelry – For jewelry, opting for a simpler yet elegant design is the way to go in the summer season. You can select designs that are light or covered with clear stones or go for maangtikka or Jhoomer to give an enhanced bridesmaid look.

6. Choose dupatta wisely – This season, opting for a dupatta can be a difficult choice, however, you can opt for dupatta that have light and printed embroidery or threads to make the outfit a little lighter, giving the perfect refreshing touch to the bridesmaid look. ‘honor.

These simple tips could help you select the perfect lehenga bridesmaid for a summer wedding while keeping you comfortable.

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