Best Pasta For Losing Abdominal Fat: Ranked! – Eat this not that

Pasta gets a bad rap for being high in carbohydrates, but consumer demand has really expanded the options available when walking down the pasta aisle!

Pasta alone, or any other food, cannot cause weight gain or weight loss. Rather, it is the overall consumption of calories consumed and calories burned during the day that matters most! The new pasta varieties offer more fiber and protein options than ever. These filling choices make portion size easier while still being satisfying.

So, if you are a pasta enthusiast, we’ve got you covered with the latest and greatest pasta brands.

pasta with vegetables

There are many vegetarian pasta options, but they are often made with just some of the pigmentations to look healthier than they actually are.

There is one exception … Banza! Based on chickpeas and therefore rich in fiber and protein, Banza is a staple of our home. This pasta has 25% less net carbohydrates and 50% more protein than traditional pasta!

The best part? It tastes and looks so similar to the real thing … you might not even notice a difference.

Tip for kids: Banza makes a mac and cheese that’s more like a full meal when you consider that it provides a whopping 8 grams of fiber and 18 grams of protein per serving.

pasta with lentils

Pasta traditionally has around 7 grams of protein per serving. Barilla’s Protein + line offers all the benefits of classic pasta with an additional boost of protein and double the fiber!

Protein helps regulate blood sugar and helps increase the feeling of fullness, so this product is a big win in our book!

Barilla has done a great job with the taste and texture here. We think it’s almost identical to regular pasta!

wholemeal pasta

Wholemeal pasta is certainly the most substantial choice. With 5 grams of fiber per serving, it’s hard to find a healthier option on the shelves.

Jovial wholemeal pasta is made from an ancient variety of wheat called monococcum wheat. This type of wheat is significantly less modified than the newer and more conventional wheat varieties and tends to be low in gluten.

Therefore, many gluten-sensitive people tend to get along well with this variety. Jovial makes its pasta to contain less starch and more protein and fiber than traditional wholemeal options.

penne with chicken, vegetables and tomatoes

Regular pasta has a bad reputation, but did you know that even white pasta still contains 2 grams of fiber and 7 grams of protein per serving? Not too run down if you ask me.

I love classic Italian brands if I choose the real ones like De Cecco. Pair these classics with a lean protein option, a light sauce, and tons of colorful veggies for a balanced meal!

gluten-free pasta

Most gluten-free pasta is actually quite low in fiber and often turns to mush when over-boiled, not Ancient Harvest! Ancient Harvest offers a blend of starchy and gluten-free grains that create the taste and texture of your beloved pasta.

Our favorite option is their blend of corn, brown rice, and quinoa.

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