Best Eating Habit No. 1 for your brain, science says: eat this, not that

When you want to keep your mind awake and healthy, a ton of foods can help reduce the risk of disease and potentially prevent memory loss. According to the Mayo Clinic, people who ate fish once a week scored better on memory tests, scientists have linked green leafy vegetables to a lower risk of dementia, and a glass of wine could even improve blood flow and prevent strokes. While all of these foods in varying amounts potentially contribute to a better brain, an eating habit easily tops the list.

When you feel a sudden craving for sugar or just plain peckish, grab the berries. This was revealed by a study conducted over two decades Participants who ate the most blueberries and strawberries saw the least amount of mental decline over the years, and scientists linked this benefit to the high concentration of flavonoids in the food. For maximum benefits, anyone looking to take advantage of this food should aim to include two servings of fruit in their diet per week.


These berries do more than just stave off oblivion. A study referenced by Rutgers University found that young and old participants who ate blueberries performed better when needed to focus and had better memory recall due to increased blood flow to the brain.

Berries may hold the secret to better brain health thanks to a particular ingredient. A study published in Current opinion in clinical nutrition and metabolic care proposed that berry consumption has the ability to prevent mental degradation resulting from high levels of antioxidants. In particular, the consumption of berries is directly linked to the conservation of neuronal capacities throughout the year and to the reduction of stressor damage.

Another study recovered from Research on neural regeneration helped lay the foundation for finding it the berries help prevent age-related mental decline and end up protecting anyone who eats the right amount. The berries did a lot more than just keep the participants’ minds sharp. The fruits also improved motor control and cognition.

Through intense study, scientists eventually pinpointed why berries benefit the brain Annals of neurologywhich linked blueberries and strawberries to a much slower rate of mental decline in older women, particularly due to the fruits’ high flavonoid content. As a result, the results determined that improved long-term mental health is directly linked to the consumption of this important chemical compound.

So, next time a sugar craving hits, take a moment to appreciate the flavor of a bowl of strawberries or blueberries and grab a snack that can keep your brain health on track. If you want to embrace even more foods that can improve your brain, try adding some popular foods that can improve brain health into your diet.

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