Before and after: this fashion shopper’s £ 30k reno kitchen is full of ingenious cost-saving ideas

Laura’s house is one of those where there is something beautiful to see from every angle. And this does not happen by chance. As a fashion shopper, Laura is very used to considering textures, fabric weights, colors and how all of these things fit together. So when she switched her hand to interior design, she was armed and ready with many of her essential skills. “Choosing a dress is quite a small scale, but choosing a room pattern is much larger and a little scarier,” says Laura. “But that doesn’t mean playing it safe is necessarily the best idea.”

For her economical kitchen renovation, Laura thought carefully about where to spend money and where to save, opting, for example, to repaint existing units, but investing in a concrete island to bring the space to life. Check out the transformation below.

The first

The picture

(Image credit: Philip Lauterbach)


The owners Laura Magee (@ deco.dwelling), a fashion buyer, lives here with her husband, Jonny Kernohan, a software developer, and their cat, George
The property A four bed Victorian semi-detached house in Belfast
Cost of the project ca. £ 30,000 (for the whole house)

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