“Beauty is a huge trustworthy creator, occupies an irreplaceable place”: Manish Malhotra

Bollywood’s favorite designer and the man behind the looks the country passed out for – from Sushmita Sen in Main Hoona Na, Preity Zinta inside Kal Ho Naa Ho, to Deepika Padukone in Om Shaanti Om – Manish Malhotra it needs no introduction. And if you’ve seen his collections, you may have noticed him beyond the richly embellished lehengas and that of its label signature sequins sarithey also always have a look of flawless beauty, something that, according to him, can make or break an outfit.

In an exclusive interview with indianexpress.comMalhotra shares why beauty is and will always be irreplaceable, because Rekà it’s her favorite beauty icon, and how beauty has changed in Bollywood over the years.

How do you define beauty?

Beauty, for me, is a celebration of oneself. If you look good, you feel good, so beauty is a huge confidence builder. The Manish Malhotra Beauty line is a celebration of your style and celebrates being authentic for who you are. It is not only ambitious but also accessible.

What prompted you to venture into beauty?

Over the years it has been a privilege to help make people feel special in their auspicious moments. However, fashion is not just limited to clothing and accessories, but also makeup and beauty. With the overwhelming beauty standards set by the world, people have somewhere forgotten their individuality. My desire is to give ambitious people a platform, a means and a place to express themselves. To celebrate who I am, to promote positivity.

Over the years, how have you seen the approach to beauty change in Bollywood?

Beauty looks and trends have evolved a lot since ’90s movies when there was a time when bold lips and double layered eyeliner were in vogue, but now beauties are more focused on looks. natural and minimalist. Therefore, beauty always occupies an irreplaceable place as it is constantly evolving.

And do you think this has had an impact on the way the Indian mass, as well as the beauty industry, also treats beauty?

Sure, there is an increase in the beauty industry, consumers are more aware and aware, and skincare is suddenly taking top priority. A high percentage of natural and organic ingredients has become a stake for consumers. They are looking for clean, streamlined routines that have long-lasting effects while being multifunctional and environmentally sustainable.

Do you have any Bollywood / Hollywood favorites that you love the beauty game of?

Rekà show, I love her… I love the fact that even if she is wearing a simple white cotton dress, she will have a deep burgundy or red lip color. She made her that lip color.

What does your skincare routine look like during the summer?

In the summer I prefer a mix of face gels, scrubs and natural packs from my collection and, of course, I never go out without sunscreen. The amla rose moisturizer and lip moisturizer work great.

What is the one thing you would like Indian women to adopt when it comes to beauty?

I feel that many women are afraid to experiment with their looks. It is very important not to take yourself too seriously and that has always been my philosophy. You have to celebrate being yourself.

Beauty trends you’ve been loving lately

More than anything else, the main trend is to embrace who you are. Express yourself radically and show off your real skin. Next is minimalist skincare – reduce the use of too many products and give your skin time to breathe well. The redefinition of masculinity in the grooming industry will flourish. Y2K fashion will take the lead and pay homage to the 90s by promoting creative and celebratory looks and enhancing natural textures.

How much role does makeup play in the presentations of your collection?

I really feel that makeup, hair and jewelry can make or break an outfit. It adds to feeling good and even boosts inner confidence. While designing and styling the right clothes are important in awakening the character in the film or collections, beauty still matters in filling the missing gap in grooming. The looks of beauty have always had that importance, both in the times and nowadays.

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