Beauty 2022 subscription box

Beauty subscription boxes are one of the best ways to try out the latest and greatest prestige and niche brands. For a nominal fee, you receive full-size or sample-sized cosmetics, hair care, and skincare products delivered to your home approximately every month. Some companies offer a more curated range of items based on your preferences, regardless of whether you want effective natural hair or vegan skincare formulas, usually determined via a short questionnaire upon registration.

Beauty subscriptions also make it much easier to discover amazing products and new launches from independent brands, owned by BIPOC or led by women. And in most cases, you can cancel at any time if you’re not happy with your selection. Below, we break down the best subscription boxes to cover all your beauty bases.

The best beauty subscription box ever

Travel favorites

Birchbox is perfect for anyone who wants to try out new makeup, hair care and skincare products without breaking the bank or overcrowding shelf space. Instead of standard-sized products, the company sends out four to six deluxe samples for each category, all selected from a large selection of well-known brands, starting at $ 13 per month (with an annual subscription). As a bonus, each pack contains tips and tricks for incorporating each product into your beauty routine.

The best beauty subscription box on a budget

Careful and affordable choices

Ispy offers two ways to test products from a mix of high-end and affordable beauty brands. You can sign up to get a Glam Bag with five sample-size products for $ 13 per month or choose to receive full-size versions for $ 25 per month. And thanks to Ipsy’s beauty quiz, which measures your beauty preferences, the products in your Glam Bag will be selected especially for you. Each quarter, subscribers can also choose to receive Ispy’s Glam Bag X, a package of eight full-size products (worth up to $ 350) for $ 55 in lieu of a typical subscription delivery.

The best makeup subscription box

An easy way to meet your makeup match

A subscription to BoxyCharm is a good way to go if you want to receive full-size makeup products from beloved brands that suit your skin tone. When you sign up, you’re asked to fill out a skin tone customization feedback form, so you don’t end up with any shades. And if you choose to receive five full size products for $ 28 per month (including one of your choice) or six of them (including two of your choice) for an extra $ 12, you will receive a free gift and a $ 10 coupon from use in the BoxyCharm online shop.

The best skincare subscription box

A premium skincare essential kit

As a BeautyFix subscriber, you will receive a box of five or more deluxe travel and full size skincare products from top brands for $ 25 per month (or less, if you decide to pay upfront for a 3 month, 6 month subscription or yearly). If you are not satisfied with the products, you can cancel your subscription at any time. In addition to free shipping (after your first box), another benefit of signing up is access to discounts and special offers on your favorites.

The best subscription box for fragrances

Fragrant finds from independent and designer brands

Scentbird makes it easy to smell designer and niche fragrances that match your personality and mood with its perfume quiz. The company also makes it convenient to try a new perfume every month. You can sample a perfume or cologne (of your choice) from an impressive catalog that includes options from brands like Versace, Prada, Burberry, and others for $ 16 a month. Each fragrance will arrive in an 8ml bottle, the equivalent of 140 sprays, which should last until the next delivery arrives.

The best subscription box for nails

Essentials for home manicures

Every three months, you’ll receive manicure and pedicure essentials, including all-new vegan and cruelty-free nail polishes from Los Angeles-based Orly, at 50% off the retail price with a Color Pass subscription. You can choose to receive $ 36 quarterly or $ 119 per year if you want to save even more.

The best Vegan Beauty subscription box

The best of clean beauty

The Kinder beauty box includes a mix of life-size and travel items that are 100% vegan, cruelty free and clean. When you initially sign up for a subscription, you will receive the “Favorites” box which contains the brand’s favorite products (Inika Certified Organic Lip Liner, Gleur & Bee Anti-Aging Eye Cream, etc.) worth over $ 123. Thereafter, Depending on your subscription preferences, you can pay monthly or join the brand’s three- or six-month prepayment plan and get products worth up to $ 165 for around $ 23 a month.

The best subscription box for natural hair

Affordable curl care

CurlBox is a monthly subscription service that makes discovering curly hair products, from shampoos to stylers, convenient and convenient. Each month, the brand ships a limited number of boxes containing full-size products from coveted natural hair care brands like Carol’s Daughter, Creme Of Nature, Camille Rose, and others. Once you enter the list, which opens on the third Saturday of each month, you will automatically receive a CurlBox delivered to your home each month for $ 25.

The best K-Beauty subscription box

For head-to-toe masking


Beauteque offers one of the best beauty boxes specializing in Korean beauty and skincare. For $ 24 a month, you’ll get six full-size products ranging from skincare, makeup, body care, and hair care. For the mask obsessed, opt for the Mask Maven box starting at $ 13 per month to get nine face and body masks delivered to your door.

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