Barrier Repair, French Manicure and Ginger Hair Drive Latest beauty searches: Spate

Spring has arrived, and with it an awakening that involved beautiful skin, classically polished nails and red hair.

Repair damaged skin barriers

According to Spate, a New York-based beauty trend tracker, there are an average of 8,500 searches each month in the United States for barrier repair, which is an average volume compared to other searches for facial treatment products. It grew 67.9% in searches over last year with low competition and market leaders Dermalogica, Rovectin, First Aid Beauty and Zerafite.

Beauty trend tracker speculates consumer overuse of exfoliating acids, chemical peels, and tissue masks along with pandemic-related stress that drove research for skin barrier issues, which increased 39.8% year-over-year .

Spate also found that major skin health problems are related to damaged and broken skin barriers, as well as concerns about acne as it relates to the skin barrier. Alongside this term, eczema, rashes, rosacea, dermatitis and sores are also sought.

Barrier repair can represent a broad and global opportunity for brands to create products to treat a variety of skin barrier problems. Searches for multiple product formats such as creams, which are up 23.4% year-over-year, serums, oils, concentrates, cleansers and masks indicate that consumers are looking for different products to support these concerns.

Consumers are also directly looking for ingredients such as aloe vera, probiotics, jojoba oil, ceramide, coconut oil, and vitamin E to help with the skin barrier. Awareness of these skin barrier repair ingredients is still low, indicating an opportunity for brands to create products driven by these restorative ingredients.

French Tip Nails: A modern twist on a timeless look

Consumers are looking for a variety of colors and designs within the French tip nail trend for a modern twist on a timeless look.

The classic French manicure that dominated the 90s returns with a fun twist, in the form of colorful and unique shapes and styles. With the rise of “that girl” aesthetics (+ 60.9% year-over-year growth), consumers are increasingly looking for French pointy nails to help them achieve the look, but research has been trending since 2020.

On average, there are 870,800 searches each month in the United States for French tip nails, a very high volume compared to other searches for nail designs. It grew 131.7% in searches over last year with average competition and three market leaders: Kiss, Color Street and SNS.

Consumers are looking for French-tipped nails in different lengths (short, medium, long) and with different nail polish formats (acrylic, dip, gel). Color and glitter searches along with French tip nails reveal that consumers want to bring color into the classic style by replacing the classic white tip with a pastel color (+ 346.3% year over year), silver (+ 330.4% year over year), or chrome (+ 287.7% year over year).

This modern twist on classic nail styling shows that consumers continue to find the styles they like and take it one step further through fun exploration and experimentation. Brands may consider bringing this trend into the makeup, hair and skincare space by experimenting with glitter and pastel colors not only in the stylized look, but also in the packaging and creativity.

A shift towards reddish shades

Brands should take note of the rise in searches for hot looks like red hair and plan their impact on other beauty categories, says Spate.

According to his research, there are an average of 132,400 searches each month in the United States for red hair, which has grown 30.0% in searches since last year. The market leaders are Overtone, Adore Hair Color and Creme of Nature.

Searches for red hair have continued to grow steadily since 2019, but in 2021, they saw a spike in search interest. Related searches include terms such as: color, dye, brown, blonde, red, natural hair, copper and highlights. Some of the best hair colors on the rise are paprika hair color (+ 36.2% yoy), red and blonde hair (21.0% yoy) and red highlights (19.7% yoy) ), revealing a general aesthetic shifted to reddish shades.

Red and red hair present a number of unique challenges for keeping the color vibrant. Brands can take this opportunity to specifically address these needs. Consider highlighting blue color balancing shampoos and conditioners that fight brass along with hair masks that replenish hydration. The looks and makeup colors that complement the red hair should also be considered, along with the fashion and accessories that complement the look.

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