World Central Kitchen partners were injured in a Russian missile attack near a relief kitchen in Kharkiv

Placeholder when loading item promotions Nate Mook stands between two buildings on a former street in Kharkiv, the war-torn city in northeastern Ukraine. The road is littered with debris and the charred skeletons of once-serviceable vehicles. The windows of both buildings have been blown out and the walkway between the buildings looks like it will … Read more

Keisha Lance Bottoms says Capital Grille turned her down because of her leggings

Placeholder when loading item promotions The dress code has caused endless controversy in restaurants. They have been repeatedly criticized as outdated, elitist, confusing and discriminatory. The final installment in the ongoing saga came this weekend when former Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms said she was asked to leave a suburban Capital Grille restaurant because she … Read more

in-cosmetics Global: naturalness and upcycling as recovery ingredients

While determined to meet the crucial traceability needs evoked in brand marketing content, suppliers continue to focus their efforts on finding natural ingredients. Starting from a kind of fruit grown and harvested by hand on the island of Reunion according to the principles of zero waste, Gatteditch developed the new Solastemide active whose molecules are … Read more

Sk * p kicks off new brand initiatives for Earth Week

sk * p, the brand that created a shower-friendly, fully recyclable paper container with its unique BeautyCarton packaging, is kicking off several brand initiatives this Earth Week 2022 in an effort to stop the use of packaging in plastic by the industry. Exclusive partnership with Ulta Beauty Introducing an exclusive retail partnership with Ulta Beauty, … Read more