At Eye Am Pretty, Tamara Hunter spreads beauty and a positive self-image

An aunt taught Tamara Hunter to braid her hair when she was 8 years old.  Now, Hunter braids her hair and teaches braiding in places in Spartanburg and Anderson.

Tamara Hunter weaves lessons and love into each braid she creates.

“When women come here, they know they are doing their hair or learning to style their hair in a place where they are loved, they are heard and understood,” says Hunter, who creates braids and teaches young women to braid at his. activities in Anderson and Spartanburg.

Across centuries and cultures, weaving techniques have generally been shared one-on-one, from one generation to the next. Hunter is no exception. He was 8 when he asked an aunt to teach her.

“My aunt said, ‘Go get your baby doll.’ I did and she first showed me how to box the braid, which is the individual braid. She told me to practice again and again and again, every day. Hunter would finish and run back to his aunt. Eventually, he got the answer he wanted. She “she said, ‘You understand, baby. You keep weaving. ‘”

Hunter did it. She also went to college and studied to be a nurse.

“Then I realized I was finishing school doing my hair,” she says.

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