Are you planning an Easter dinner? Try these recipes from Southern chefs

For many people, Easter food begins with a well-cooked ham, like the one pictured with pineapple.

Especially in the South, Easter is a holiday that rivals Thanksgiving and Christmas in culinary terms.

Here are some Easter dinner ideas from well-known local chefs and foodies:

Tanya Baker Glazed Ham

For years, Tanya Baker has chaired — and cooked for — a Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner offered to the community at Carver Community Center for free, serving hundreds for each meal.

To say she knows her way around a kitchen and what she likes for an Easter Sunday meal is an understatement. It starts with a well-cooked ham. For her, it’s simple: a frosting of brown sugar and Coca-Cola and pineapple. While many people add cherries, she doesn’t and wraps everything tightly in foil.

“I want it to have that ‘done’ look,” Baker said, “that tanned look.”

Ingredients are simple:

  • Ham (pre-cooked is fine to save time)
  • Coke
  • Brown sugar
  • pineapple slices

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Place ham on aluminum foil large enough to enclose the ham before placing in the oven.

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