Andrew Fitzsimons debuts his eponymous brand in all Ulta Beauty Stores

Kim and Khloé Kardashian, Megan Fox and JLo are among Andrew Fitzsimons’ extremely popular clientele. Now, he wants to offer a taste of the glamor he’s known to the masses for with his new eponymous hair care brand, Andrew Fitzsimons.

The brand launched Monday in Ulta with 23 products across five collections: Body Volume, Fantasy Curls, Prism Shine, Virgin Repair and Styling. Each product is priced at $ 14. It was created with Maesa, the incubator behind brands including TPH by Taraji P. Henson, Flower Beauty by Drew Barrymore, and Anomaly by Priyanka Chopra.

Fitzsimons has been in the hair business for 21 years. She went to a Catholic boys’ school in Ireland, which, she said, “was not the best environment for a young and sensitive homosexual like me”. She found refuge in hairdressers and in women’s circles, realizing that “women were my safe place in the world”.

In a moment of full circle, she created her own brand in homage to women. And she hopes it solves some of the problems she sees in traditional hair care marketing. “I want to give back and support women as much as women have supported me. I have noticed that, in hair care, women are [often] sold in a way I disagree with. Women’s insecurities are created or reinforced by an industry that wants to sell her “the remedy”. And I see well. I see how harmful it is and how unfair it is, “she said, pointing out that she started working on this brand four years ago.

To differentiate the brand, Fitzsimons started with the campaign, launching trans and plus size models like Charlie Reynolds (aka Peachy) and Kataluna Enriquez. “I didn’t realize it, but [this makes] Charlie [Peachy] the first plus size model ever presented alone in a hair campaign. And people say, ‘Aren’t you excited for it to happen in 2022?’ And I say, ‘No, I’m so disappointed it will only happen in 2022,’ “Fitzsimons said.

“Most brands say they don’t want to be emulated, they want to conquer the market. But I want to be emulated. I want to push hair care and beauty in the right direction. You cannot sell to women irresponsibly. Women are not stupid. You don’t have to water things down. Women are aware of how the world works and how they are treated. And I want to illuminate the most beautiful energy that I am aware of, which is femininity. “

“Knowing that [Reynolds’ and Enriquez’s] the images would be used as examples of beauty for the world that made me proud, ”said Fitzsimons.

He added: “You can say that something is inclusive, but [it’s not] if people can’t afford it, “noting the brand’s overall price tag of $ 14.

Starting Monday, the full collection is available at all 1,300 Ulta Beauty locations in the United States, as well as on the Ulta website. It will also be featured in Ulta’s styling services. “Guests will have plenty of opportunities to discover the collection,” said Jessica Phillips, Ulta Beauty’s vice president of merchandising. “We are promoting the omnichannel launch with a dedicated endcap display, brand signage and shop window banners, as well as promotional emails and notifications linking to the online collection.”

Additionally, Ulta Beauty will be hosting an acquisition of Andrew Fitzsimons hair products in the backbar of Ulta Beauty’s salon from May 29 to June 18, he said, which will give visitors a chance to try the line as part of their service.

Fitzsimons, who has 625,000 followers on Instagram, will also be shown on Ulta Beauty’s social channels, Phillips said. “Andrew will also appear on Ulta Beauty’s live stream show,” Unveiling Beauty, “with guest Nick Stenson, Ulta Beauty’s Vice President of Store Operations and Services, where he will discuss his inspiration for his line, hero products and his work with the transgender community.

Although the brand is vegan, Fitzsimons was adamant that the packaging wasn’t beige or depicted someone holding “a piece of barley,” he said. Instead, the aesthetic is bold and colorful, and the font is 1980s-inspired, an aesthetic that’s currently experiencing a moment of beauty.

The brand’s proprietary technology is its “AF Bonding Technology”. It is present in all its formulas, although it is more concentrated in its Virgin Repair collection. This is in line with current trends in the space: hair care is extremely health focused and bond building plays a huge role in hair health.

“The complex is an innovative protein-based complex,” according to a representative of the brand. “Helps build maximum strength from within by creating powerful hydrogen and ionic bonds within the keratin hair structure to increase elasticity and flexibility.”

“People’s hair is in their hands for the first time, with [new more access] to tutorials and [people are] learning to experiment with your own hair, “Fitzsimons said. As such, she’s prioritized going out with a repair line.

“Protein binding is one of the biggest hair innovations of the last 5-10 years,” she said, adding, “Hair has been boring.”

When bonding technology was first launched, the products were expensive. Think brands like Olaplex, with products selling for around $ 28, and K18, with its full-size flagship product priced at $ 75. Fitzsimons has been trying to make it more accessible, he said, noting that it can be found in all of them. the products of its line, although it is more concentrated in the repair line.

A glitter collection was also needed, as Fitzsimons is known for the sheen he gives to his famous clients. As for the volume, he said, “I’m gay as hell, so I love big hair.”

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