Ageless beauty brings Flyte to Boston with the launch of the makeup line for women over 30

The style after 30 is no longer what it used to be. It’s better. And it gets better every day.

Witness the rise of female influencers like Carla Rockmore (whose Instagram slogan is “Celebrating 50+ Self Expression Through Fashion, Fun, and Pride”) and Grece Ghanem (“Beauty doesn’t age, beauty changes”). There is also an increase in the number of Hollywood actresses of a certain age who land starring roles while looking gorgeous and confident. TV shows like “And Just Like That” show that fashionable women thrive after the age of 25.

And then there are Elena Frankel and Carolyn Barber, the ladies from Boston who started a new makeup company for women aged 30 and up, celebrating life experience and becoming great over the years.

“We get to a point in our life where your kids get older and a lot of women start questioning their own importance,” Frankel said. She and Barber got “tired of the subtle messages that age was something to apologize for.” They also felt strongly that women’s beauty needs change with age. And so they launched Flyte.70, selling directly to consumers on

Frankel and Barber are the team behind the legendary E6 Apothecary, the independent cosmetics shop on Beacon Hill filled with hard-to-find cosmetics brands in the 1990s. The couple are at a different stage in life, but they’re just as cool.

Flyte.70 mascara is made with conditioners. (Photo courtesy Flyte.70)

“The market is so saturated with makeup,” Frankel said. “But when you go into most of the makeup sections, it seems to you that the products are geared towards twentysomethings looking for the sparkly makeup of the Coachella festival, or they are for the older ones, but are completely uninteresting and boring. We wanted a brand. that it was aimed at the needs of women as we grow, but that it also embraced design and art “.

That art is manifested in every aspect of makeup, from the name (they named Flyte.70 after the changing journeys women have made throughout their lives and added 70 in honor of their birth year) to the packaging. The topography on all the packages evokes lightness, while the neon element “is to keep you grounded in what you once were, for people who lived in the 1980s”.

Flyte. 70 Gloss Finish Powder contains hyaluronic acid. (Photo courtesy Flyte.70)

As for the makeup itself, all formulas, finishes and textures are aimed at the concerns of older women.

“Most older women don’t want to wear powder because it’s drying,” Barber said. “But our glossy finish powder contains hyaluronic acid which has a softening effect.”

Similar thought went into the development of their mascara.

“As we age, our lashes begin to thin. Ours is almost like a hair treatment, with conditioners that help lashes grow, “Frankel said. They also took color into account with age.” It’s indigo-infused black, because straight black can start. to look really hard with age, “Frankel said.” So if you switch to something a little softer it’s a lot more attractive.

“It’s really all about the formulas,” added Frankel.

And, of course, the refreshing prospect the line offers too.

“You’re this age and we want you to really hug her.”

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