A wedding and a recipe for cheese pasta

Friday morning was the frantic last minute detail; wiped the kitchen one last time, made breakfast for the kids, put them in their Sunday clothes and of course wiped the last fingerprints off the windows. It was a cloudy but beautiful morning for the wedding.

At 6:30 the first buggies and vehicles pulled into our driveway from those who had come to help prepare lunch.

When I met the newlyweds, I hugged Carolyn. Her day had finally come. She looked beautiful in her light cream dress. Next, Julia and Daniel help me set up six chairs on the front porch for the wedding party to sit on. From there they watched as people came into the driveway, some of whom came to shake their hands. Others were busy preparing food at the store, placing topped brownies and fresh fruit on individual plates, preparing salads, and the 101 other little things that go with feeding several hundred people.

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