A beauty writer reviews TheraFace Pro from Therabody

Last week, I sat on the phone suppressing the urge to post a series of Instagram stories about TheraFace Pro, Therabody’s new face tool and skin care device. I had been experimenting with the product for a few days and was so in love with it that I really wanted to share the news with anyone who read, watched or listened to, but it was still a secret. . I can now share this information with the entire internet as Therabody’s incredibly impressive device is now available and purchasable.

TheraFace Pro is to skin care devices what Dyson Airwrap and Supersonic are to hair care devices – it’s the new platinum standard that all similar products will be compared to in the near future. It’s because of its futuristic design, cutting-edge branding, and high price tag ($ 399), but also the way TheraFace is replacing – no kidding – at least six facial tools.

Here are the details: TheraFace is a facial cleanser, percussion therapy treatment, microcurrent device and has a cold ring, a hot ring, a blue light, a red light and an infrared light. (wow).

This device goes a long way, so have patience as I explain its near-infinite capabilities. For everything but the LED light circle, pressing the wave button will intensify each treatment up to three levels. For LED light, pressing the circular button switches from red to blue and from blue to red and infrared instead of increasing the intensity.

The first treatment is percussion therapy, the pulsating vibratory treatment you may be familiar with if you’ve ever used a TheraGun. It comes with three heads, all with the aforementioned adjustable intensities. This mode increases circulation and relieves tension in the face (a big plus if, like me, you clench your jaw indefinitely). This feature effectively replaces vibrating rods and rods.

Then, there’s a facial cleansing brush, which I was reluctant to use – I’m still emotionally scarred from the Clarisonic era (RIP), but the brush is rubber and pulsates instead of the swirling movement of the OG, which I think has avoided the irritation and micro tears of the skin that I was afraid of. I used it on the lowest setting once a week to remove congested pores on my forehead and chin.

LED light is one of my favorite things, but the tools needed tend to be prohibitive. For example, the Dr. Dennis Gross LED Mask costs $ 435, more expensive than the TheraFace which does … many things. Red light reduces wrinkles, blue light fades and prevents acne, and infrared accelerates healing.

Microcurrent facial devices have become common, but again they can be expensive, ranging from $ 200 to $ 500. TheraFace comes with a pluggable magnetic microcurrent head and conductive face gel. Regular use of a microcurrent device supposedly increases elasticity, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, increases collagen production and improves facial contours, among much more.

That’s all that comes with TheraFace, although you can purchase a $ 100 add-on, which includes both a hot and a cold ring. The cold ring, like any cold tool, reduces swelling and redness, while the hot ring handles pain, tension and inflammation – it’s unlike any other skincare tool I have.

So, yes, $ 399 isn’t a trivial amount of money, but even then it still costs less than some tools that only have one function. All heads magnetically snap in and out of TheraFace, it’s incredibly easy to use, and some accessories can even be combined, so you can create a completely customized routine.

Take my word for it: I’m a weary beauty writer and I’m so incredibly impressed and obsessed with TheraFace Pro, I’m giving away the six skincare devices and tools I was using previously. Go to Therabody to get your hands on Dyson’s face tools.

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