A beauty writer reviews Rephr’s makeup organization system

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As much as I’d like to be the kind of person who can receive unannounced visitors, I can’t. I live in a state of perpetual chaos, simply because I have too much stuff. Most of what dirties every available surface and corner are beauty products, of which I have hundreds, a mostly positive byproduct of the beauty writer craft.

However, it gets out of hand, especially as the influx of new products never stops. Any long-term logical organization method escaped me until Rephr gave me its Modular Vanity System.

I’ve tried many makeup organization systems before, but they haven’t made the cut. They were too restrictive and ultimately useless due to their poorly proportioned sections for lipstick and sundries. The greatest strength of the Rephr system are the modular pieces – containers of various shapes that connect with cleverly placed magnets – which make the storage and organization of all my beauty products extremely customizable. I can’t even tell you how many years I spent without any semblance of order in my bathroom, but now in 2022 I finally have a place to stay. I have a large Caboodle where I store things I don’t use often and I have a collapsible crate that I use to house new items and products I’m testing. The rest of my makeup goes into Rephr’s cubbies.

I have three lipstick trays (attachable units the brand calls Component B), each of which includes a larger dual-compartment side that I use to house liquid lipsticks, lip pencils, and lip glosses, and a smaller nine-compartment side to store the lipsticks. individual lipsticks.

I also use two Component As, which can be separated into four pieces. One cube contains all the makeup products I regularly use to do my face – Rare Beauty foundation, Charlotte Tilbury blush, Kjaer Weis primer, etc. – one cube contains all my makeup brushes and the other two multipurpose sticks and face cosmetics such as colored SPF. It is currently out of stock but part of Component A and Component E works in place.

I have a component C, which houses the palettes that I would like to remember to use more often, as well as eye makeup stickers. Finally, I have Component E, which is a catch-all that mainly houses oddly shaped products and my liquid blushes.

While these are a lot of moving pieces, in total there are only seven parts that I have divided to better suit my needs. Finally putting my cosmetics in order was an ideal project to usher in spring and motivate me to bring that same organizational energy to the rest of my home and life when the seasonal transition occurs. Each of the individual components costs $ 20, but they’re all 50 percent off at the moment, which means you can recreate my setup for $ 70. Such a price is really a freeway robbery compared to the amount of money I previously wasted. in the hole of an attempt at organization. Some components or bundles are often out of stock so I would act quickly especially given the incredible sale. Go to Rephr to rearrange your beauty products.

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