9 beauty products Nancy Twine, founder of Briogeo, swears

Welcome to I swear on this, a series of interviews where we talk to our favorite fashion and beauty insiders about the beauty products they use to the last drop. This week we asked Nancy Twine, founder and CEO of the hair care brand Briogeo, to share all the products she loves right now.

Nancy Twine has always been on the cutting edge. As a child, before the boom in natural hair care tutorials on YouTube, Twine and her mother used ingredients from her grandmother’s garden to make hair masks. That time spent in the kitchen led Twine to realize that even simple formulas could be effective. She was also the catalyst for the founding of Briogeo, the brand of natural hair care products made with every hair type and texture in mind.

Here, Twine shares the nine skincare, haircare and makeup products she’s been loving lately, including everything from her holy grail mascara to a no-rinse cream that gives her soft, defined curls.

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Anti-dandruff charcoal shampoo for scalp revival

“My scalp tends to get dry and flaky in the winter, so this product is my favorite during the colder months. It’s formulated with detoxifying charcoal, which really helps remove product buildup, dirt and oil. . It also has three percent salicylic acid. It’s a frequently heard ingredient in skincare, but we’re putting it in this formula because it works to get rid of dandruff. “


Retinol reform

“It’s great. It applies like a face cream, so it doesn’t feel chalky and doesn’t leave a sticky residue. With other retinols, I’ve found that they’d be super yellow, which would have left stains on my pillow. I don’t have to worry about that with This product. Plus, you see results without having to deal with redness or irritation, which is common with other formulations. “

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KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub with 10% AHA

“The exfoliants in this body scrub are super fine but incredibly effective in polishing your body. It also has a lot of grip in the shower, so you can really scrub without feeling the product slip off your body. “

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Do not despair, repair! Deep conditioning hair mask

“This is a universal Holy Grail [product] because it helps restore hydration and rebalance the protein levels in the hair, which is essential to prevent breakage. It also contains a complex of oils, butters and waxes that also really protect against dryness and damage. “


TLC Sukari Babyfacial AHA + BHA Mask

“I’m still a huge fan of this product, I think it’s one of the best acids on the market. It gives you immediate results. Every time I use it before going to bed, I wake up with softer and lighter skin. “

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Shade Slick Vegan tinted lip oil

“I’ve only used this product on my lips these days. It’s great for moisturizing dry lips and I love the way it gives you a bright color. Plus it’s not a glue trap – I never have to worry about strands of hair sticking to my lips.


Mascara for liquid eyelash extensions

“This is my Holy Grail mascara. It is literally the best mascara ever, I don’t think I’ve tried any better than this. It’s almost shocking how much difference it makes. Take the length and volume of your lashes to the next level.

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