6 Best Trail Mix Combinations For Faster Weight Loss, Dietitian Says – Eat This Not That

The trail mix has an aura of health around it, which means people think it’s better for you than it actually is, more often than not. Most of the prepackaged mix is ​​a combination of nuts, dried fruit and chocolate that has many beneficial nutrients and fiber but can also be extremely calorie dense.

Take Costco’s trail mix, for example. “A 2-ounce single-serving packet of Costco’s Kirkland brand trail mix contains 300 calories, which is high-end for a snack when someone is trying to lose weight,” he says. Lauren Harris-Pincus, MS, RDNdietician and author of The all easy pre-diabetes recipe book. So, check the labels when using the packaged track mix as a base and are not preparing the track mix completely from scratch at home.

“In general, keep the ingredients simple and use options that are high in fiber and less dense to allow for larger portions and fewer calories,” says Harris-Pincus. Make your own DIY mix at home in large quantities each time, for an easy meal prep trick, and then save it for later use.

Here are six trail mix combinations for weight loss, as recommended by dieters, that taste great and help prevent blood sugar spikes, as well as keep calorie and sodium levels in check, to better help yours. weight loss efforts. Read on and for more information on how to eat healthy, don’t lose eating habits to lose belly fat as you age, dieters say.

pistachios, dried cherries and toasted coconut flakes
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This is a satisfying, nutrient-rich combination that is crunchy and can be slightly salty for a sweet and savory blend. “Pistachios have fewer calories than most walnuts with the largest serving, as you get 30 pistachios per 100 calories,” says Harris-Pincus.

“Unsweetened cherries have fiber and antioxidants, while unsweetened coconut flakes add extra texture and fat to keep you full longer,” says a registered dietitian nutritionist. Ginger Hultin, MS, RDN, CSOauthor of Preparation of the anti-inflammatory diet meal And How to eat to defeat disease.

almonds, chocolate chips and dried cranberries
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“Almonds provide crunch, protein and heart-healthy fat, while cranberries provide a tart flavor and vitamin C,” says Hultin. Just make sure you choose a sweetened variety with fruit juice rather than added sugar or syrup to better support weight loss. A small serving of dark chocolate chips gives you that sweet flavor you are looking for, but still keeps your added sugar intake low, helping you lose weight faster than if you use milk chocolate with a lot of added sugar.

walnuts and raisins
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“Walnuts are an omega-3-rich nut that is considered heart-healthy and may even help calm inflammation in the body, and raisins are commonly unsweetened and easy to find in any store,” says Hultin. They contain fiber, vitamins and minerals and this combination of two ingredients is super simple and quick to prepare.

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Brianna Ruback / Eat this, not that!

The combination of nuts, seeds and fruit is the perfect triplet for a balanced mix of tracks. Use shelled, lightly salted sunflower seeds and plain, unsalted pecans to avoid overdoing the sodium. “Find the mango that is plain and unsweetened and chop it so that it easily blends into the mix,” says Hultin.

“While nuts are nutritious, they’re also high in calories, so avoid added sugars and use portion control,” says Harris-Pincus. “You can also make it tastier with roasted soy nuts or chickpeas, as another crunchy source of protein and fiber,” says Harris-Pincus.

pumpkin seeds and freeze fried blueberries
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This is an antioxidant-rich trace mix that is simple to make and well balanced. “Pumpkin seeds are rich in minerals such as zinc, while blueberries contain vitamins C and K, to improve immunity,” says Hultin.

Pumpkin seeds have healthy proteins and fats, and blueberries have high-fiber carbohydrates and antioxidants to nourish you and support your heart health. Blueberries are also lower in sugar than other fruits, so it is better suited to the diet.

freeze-dried peanuts and strawberries
Brianna Ruback / Eat this, not that!

“Freeze dried fruit is a fabulous addition to the trace mix because it has a fraction of the calories of dried fruit and provides crunchiness and volume,” says Harris-Pincus. Combine peanuts and strawberries for flavor, antioxidants, fat, protein and fiber.

Or cut the amount of freeze dried strawberries in half and mix into unsweetened dried banana chips. “You’ll be making a mix of ‘pb & j’ by combining crunchy peanuts (lightly salted, so you really get that peanut butter flavor), with crunchy freeze-dried strawberries and banana chips,” suggests Hultin.

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