5001 Flavor’s unique personalized approach

In the heart of Harlem, inside Malcolm X’s old home, are the minds behind bespoke hip hop fashion. In Harlem Haberdashery, Guy and Sharene Wood, founder of 5001 Flavor, create custom clothes for prominent celebrities like the Notorious BIG

Harlem Haberdashery family

5001 started out as a better way for Guy to customize clothes to fit a larger frame. Eventually they would design clothes for names like P. Diddy and DJ Khaled. Today, they continue their legacy in the hip-hop entertainment industry by collaborating with contemporary artists.

As the 5001 flavor grew, they made sure to grow in the right places. The label works with well-known names in hip-hop. This family-owned business remains like home in Harlem.

Harlem Haberdashery isn’t just a retail space. 5001 Flavors transforms it into a bespoke lifestyle brand.

DJ Khaled wears 5001 flavors
DJ Khaled wears 5001 Flavors Clothing Co. at the 2020 Grammy Awards.

Bespoke hip hop fashion evolves with the industry

Hip-hop is all about taste.

These artists tell stories through lyrics, music videos and album covers. However, entertainers have a distinctive style that stays consistent with their personalities. For example, 5001 Flavors have to design clothes based on their client DJ Khaled’s elegant yet loud personality.

Harlem Haberdashery’s in-house designers prioritize individualism over personalization. They set the tone for emerging artists.

When you see unsigned hype rise to stardom and you know you’ve helped create a person, a brand and an image for a customer, that’s the interesting part.

– Sharene Wood, co-founder of 5001 Flavor

One of 5001 Flavor’s first clients was hip-hop artist Heavy D and Uptown Records. On the set, the Wood family approached Sean Combs (P. Diddy).

After Combs founded his own label, he signed to Brooklyn’s famed BIG 5001 Flavor, which would create bespoke hip hop fashion for Biggie. 5001 Flavors dressed Biggie from his first music video to the one in which he was buried.

The Notorious BIG Wearing 5001 Flavors Clothing Co. in its first Hypnotize music video

A growing brand outside of hip-hop fashion

It was really about combining our fashion and our lifestyle

– Sharene Wood, co-founder of 5001 Flavor

Hip-hop fashion was just the beginning of Harlem haberdashery. They started exploring different business ventures and giving them their own style.

HH Bespoke Spirits has developed three distinctive liquor products with the same taste and style as the Harlem Renaissance. Their take on rum, vodka and gin gives you a taste of extravagance.

HH Bespoke Spirits Vodka, Gin and Rum photographed by @ 84harlem

If you look at our bottles, they are almost fashionably dressed. Each of our bottles has a different personality. Take a different look. Have a different color. Have a different atmosphere.

– Sharene Wood, co-founder of 5001 Flavor

HH Bespoke Spirits aren’t just for high-class events and cocktails. They partnered with local Harlem food companies to create flavorful products.

HH Bespoke rum was used in sweets and chocolates at Harlem Chocolate Factory’s Sugarhill confectionery. HH Bespoke Spirits’ collaboration with other friendly artists ensures that their products are as unique as they are.

What is bespoke fashion?

For many people, bespoke is tailor-made, but for me it is very personalized, it is individualized

– Sharene Wood

What exactly is bespoke fashion? Harlem Haberdashery and 5001 Flavors, fashion is making a statement where their style comes from. 5001 Flavors specializes in clothes that speak before entering a room.

Personalization and uniqueness are vital in the creation of their dresses. The customers of each HH and 5001 are different individuals with very different vibes. Personalization means being respectful and creating something that stands out from the crowd.

Nipsey Hussle wears 5001 Flavors Clothing Co. in the “Higher” music video.

What makes Harlem Haberdashery and 5001 Flavors unique is their approach to ensuring their clients are treated as individuals. Celebrity or not, Harlem haberdashery will have you on their A list. They work with people who understand that clothes speak to who they are.

Any celebrity will tell you that they don’t want to go on stage and that two people in the audience have what they’re wearing. The goal is to make a statement.

– Sharene Wood, co-founder of 5001 Flavor

Daddy Yankee Tailored fashion
Daddy Yankee wears 5001 Flavors Clothing Co.

Designed by Rachel Johnson


Harlem Haberdashery is family oriented. They bring everything home by giving back to the community. The Harlem Merceria family puts their community first by focusing their store around their philanthropic weapons, The League and #TakeCareOfHarlem.

Our goal is truly to use Harlem Haberdashery as a community hub as well as a retail space

– Sharene Wood

The League, founded by Louis Johnson, Jr, graces Harlem with 5001 Flavors. Greener Lenox is their distinctive program that works on sustainability and conservation. The League has adopted several trees on Lenox Avenue in Harlem as a landscaping project. The goal is to help the community look good in the same way they help people look good.

#TakeCareOfHarlem is founded by Sharene’s brother, Kells Barnette. The organization promotes youth conservation and community efforts within Harlem. #TakeCareOfHarlem leads several toy units inside the Harlem haberdashery.

# TakeCareofHarlem’s 10th Annual HarlemRun Xmas Run & Toy Drive Mixer with Harlemrun at Harlem Habedasery

Unique and undefeated

5001 Flavors and Harlem Haberdashery express unique curated fashion for their hip-hop and red carpet clients like Daddy Yankee and Dj Khaled. They make sure to treat their community with respect as their customers. 5001 Flavors is all about growth.

Growth for their brand, customers and community.


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