5 Viral Skin Care Products Worth Trying At Walmart

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New viral skin care products recently bombarded my social media feed and I’m always wondering as I scroll through, “How good / different can it really be? Is it really worth adding it to my routine? “

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On a recent trip to Walmart, I was thrilled to find tons of trending skincare products added to their beauty department, even from more prestigious brands! I decided to pick up the products everyone is talking about – and frankly I was skeptical – and put them to the test to determine if they deserve the hype or are just a passing craze. To my surprise, I was wrong about each of them.

Billie razor and shaving cream

Billie razor on magnetic holder next to Billie shaving cream on a shower shelf |  5 Viral Skin Care Products Worth Trying At Walmart  Beauty cut

I admit, this is the product I was most skeptical of. I’ve owned 5 blade razors before … they’re fine, so why is Billie the “The Internet’s Favorite Razor”? I took the Billie Malibu Starter Kit ($ 9.97) which includes the razor, two blade refills and a magnetic holder that you can attach to the wall to give your razor a dedicated place in the shower. To get the full experience, I also took the Billie Shaving Cream ($ 7.97). To be honest, I thought Billie was only available online, another reason I hadn’t tried it yet, but now Walmart is the brand’s exclusive reseller!

The 5 sharp blades of the Billie razor are nickel and rust free and surrounded by aloe shaving soap for greater smoothness. It is also approved by dermatologists for the most sensitive skin. The same goes for shaving cream, which uses shea butter, coconut oil, and aloe vera to create a protective barrier and moisturize the skin.

Slide Billie Razor Through Shaving Cream On Leg To Reveal Smooth Skin |  5 Viral Skin Care Products Worth Trying At Walmart  Beauty cut

Yall … this pairing is witchcraft! As I said, I was not I expected to be blown away by these but boy was I wrong. First of all, the shaving cream is super rich and luxurious. The razor glides over your skin as it somehow continues to do so the closest shave I’ve ever had. Seriously, my skin was incredibly smooth and stayed that way for days. Most importantly: it felt soft and conditioned. I got longer lasting results and these really acted like a luxury shaving routine but at a drugstore price. I’m officially a convert to Billie’s razor.

Starface Hydro-stars

Hand holding Starface Hydro-Stars Compact |  5 Viral Skin Care Products Worth Trying At Walmart  Beauty cut

I’ve been a fan of acne spots for years, but when I first saw it Compact Starface Hydro-Stars ($ 14.97), I thought 100% it was a gimmick. The star shapes were cute … but were they functional when it came to covering an entire pimple? In addition, they are 100% hydrocolloids, which have been clinically proven to improve the appearance of pimples overnight by extracting impurities and calming redness and inflammation. But I’m used to acne spots that also have some kind of active ingredient at play and I didn’t think these could handle my stubborn spots.

Miranda smiles at the camera applying the Starface Hydro-Stars on her face |  5 Viral Skin Care Products Worth Trying At Walmart  Beauty cut

I will say … cuteness won me over. I actually went out in public wearing these stars with no concern in the world. I also accepted the functionality of the rechargeable case, which keeps them safe and easy to store or take on the go. Also, you can buy the refills in different sizes or colors and the refills are cheaper than the case.

But they work??

Before and after two pimples, showing them reduced redness after using Hydro-Stars |  5 Viral Skin Care Products Worth Trying At Walmart  Beauty cut

Surprisingly … yes. I applied the stars to two points on the face and they both saw improvement after wearing the stars overnight. One larger spot was noticeably less red and rose the next morning, while the other had come to my head overnight, so I was able to easily remove the sebum with a simple warm towel. The Hydro-Stars were gentle and didn’t even leave my skin dry, so I can definitely see myself using them when my skin is too sensitive for salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, but I still want to pinpoint the treatment.

Mario Badescu Delicate foaming cleanser

Bottle for the hand of Mario Badescu Delicate foaming cleanser |  5 Viral Skin Care Products Worth Trying At Walmart  Beauty cut

I recently moved away from scented skincare to heal the best possible routine for my sensitive acne-prone skin. Despite being a fan of the brand for years, I somehow missed the Mario Badescu Gentle Foaming Cleanser ($ 14) which is fragrance-free, with skin-soothing chamomile extract and restorative evening primrose extract plus illuminating fermented black tea!

Close-up of Miranda with Mario Badescu mild foaming cleanser on a cleansing device |  5 Viral Skin Care Products Worth Trying At Walmart  Beauty cut

The surprise here came from the fact that it is a foaming cleanser, which in the skincare world often means undress. Usually the same ingredients that create foam and lather also strip the skin of its natural oils, but not in this case! This is a true goldilock cleanser that I will definitely return to, as with regular use it has kept my skin fresh and clean but also balanced.

This is another brand that I was thrilled to find at Walmart now, as part of their new BeautySpaceNK department with prestigious makeup, hair and skincare beauty brands.

Foreo Make My Day UFO Masks

Box of Foreo Make My Day Activated UFO Masks standing next to UFO device |  5 Viral Skin Care Products Worth Trying At Walmart  Beauty cut

I was given the Foreo UFO device a couple of years ago and just … never used. I didn’t really “get it” and thought it was too extra for me, but when I saw that Walmart’s new BeautySpaceNK department had the UFO Activated Masks, it was comfortable enough for me to dig in and try. The masks fit both the full-size UFO device (which I own) and the UFO mini ($ 59) which you can get from Walmart now too!

Miranda uses UFO device on her face |  5 Viral Skin Care Products Worth Trying At Walmart  Beauty cut

What is the UFO, anyway? It is a power mask treatment device that uses heat therapy, T-Sonic pulse and LED light therapies to give you a spa-level treatment in just one and a half minutes. Use these technologies with accompanying masks to infuse the serum deeper into the skin and maximize its effects.

While this may not be essential for everyone, it took only one treatment to add it to my self-care routine on a regular basis. The Make My Day Masks ($ 9.99) it left my skin well hydrated, plump and super heads. I’ve used them both as a morning makeup prep and a night mask and the results last until the next day. In addition, the thermotherapy and facial massage offered by the devices are simply pleasant and relaxing.

Besides the fact that all of these trending skin care products have actually proven effective, I was also super excited to find everything in one place at Walmart, where I’m already shopping for a ton of my beauty products.

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