5 snacks Zooey Deschanel swears by: eat this, not that

Zooey Deschanel he might have the flu right now, but he still has the energy to talk Eat this, not that! on one of his favorite topics: food. And more precisely, snacks!

The 42-year-old actor and musician from New girl, Elfand She & Him fame is a great foodie and has actually found time between all of his projects, taking care of his two children (son Charlie Wolf, 4, and daughter Elsie Otter, 6, who he shares with his ex-husband Jacob Pechenik) and dating Owned brothers star Jonathan Scott to help make the food industry healthier, more affordable and more accessible to all. Inspiring, to say the least.

In 2014, Deschanel was trying to clean up her diet while she was pregnant with Elsie and found the task rather difficult. “I was so impressed with how uncomfortable, heartbreaking and expensive it is to buy healthy food,” she recalls. “Basically you have to have a degree in nutrition, infinite resources, time to go to a farmer’s market and the [knowledge] in a restaurant to ask where something comes from. It was really frustrating and I didn’t like the lack of democracy. “

To begin addressing these issues, Deschanel co-founded The Farm Project, which encourages people to ask questions about their food and where it comes from. Subsequently, he co-founded Lettuce Grow, a self-sustainable agricultural stand that helps people grow their produce in almost any space. And now he’s co-founded Merryfield, an easy-to-use app that pays you back for buying healthy food at the grocery store from select brands like Califia Farms, Dave’s Killer Bread, Stonyfield Organic, and more.

To use the app, simply shop as usual, then upload your paper or digital receipt to earn points for each participating brand you have purchased. “Merryfield has a strict set of standards for all of our brands so you know, if you’re buying something we feature, it’s made responsibly and a better food for you,” says Deschanel. “But we also reward you for doing it: when you earn enough points, you can exchange them for gift cards at retailers like Whole Foods, Target, Starbucks, Amazon and others.” The app also donates 1% of its revenue to No Kid Hungry.

And yes, there are a ton of snack brands (like Smart Sweets) that have passed Merryfield’s stringent nutritional standards. But when it comes to a snack at Deschanel’s house, what’s on the menu? (Well, besides cough medicine and lots of fluids at the moment …)

Read on to see Zooey Deschanel’s 5 Best Snacks that he swears they can fit your healthy lifestyle too. And to find out more, check out how 16 famous celebrities make their morning oatmeal.

bowl of fruit

“I like strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, but my daughter really likes bananas and my son loves mangoes and pineapple,” says Deschanel. “I always take a lot of fruit and then I chop it and separate it into giant containers. I leave them out on the table when we eat dinner and we usually take one and start eating some fruit.”

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chickpea hummus

“I love making my own lemon hummus. I don’t really like garlic, but rather a lemon flavor,” says Deschanel.

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Rice cakes

“Kids love a rice cake with peanut butter or almonds and sea salt,” Deschanel says.

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Coconut protein balls

“These are always good because you know what’s inside if you make them yourself,” says Deschanel.

“You can make a protein ball with nut butter, chia seeds and hemp seeds and oatmeal. If you like protein powders, you can put them in there and honey and mix everything to make balls. You can. roll them in cocoa powder or cocoa nibs or unsweetened coconut flakes.You can also put the chopped dates.

Asiago cheese sliced ​​on a cutting board with crackers and cherry tomatoes

It’s been a minute since Deschanel made a snack spread for the guests. “You know, I haven’t had people at home in so long. I can’t remember the last time I had people at home,” he says. Thanks to the pandemic, many of us can say the same …

However, the star knows what it would take to have fun. “I would probably make hummus and carrots, olives and Marcona almonds. I love eliminating nuts and seeds. Besides, I eat cheese, so I like a cheese plate, I could make a regular cheese plate and a vegan cheese plate because I have a lot of vegans in tour”.

Deschanel herself stopped eating meat once she learned more about how it is made while hosting the show Your Food’s Roots. “Before the first season I ate meat, and then after the first season I became completely vegetarian,” she says.

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