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Last night’s Denver Fashion Week (DFW) show captivated audiences with a runway experience filled with local fashion. With Denver-based designers Rachel Marie Hurst, Tara Hari Couture, MARGINAL and Aversano Designs, the runway was enlivened by one-of-a-kind pieces, turning the night into a local fashion paradise.

In the picturesque setting of Void Studios, DFW’s promotional video came to life on the walls surrounding the audience. The extravagant dresses traveled from the screen to the catwalk right before the eyes of the crowd.

Aversano Designs

designer Cora Aversano by Aversano Designs brought a collection defined by the beauty of the female body. From muted colorful tones to bold neon hues, layered tulle dresses slid down the runway.

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The looks were completed with makeup to match the color of the clothes. To the tune of Emmy Meli’s “I Am Woman”, Aversano transformed the DFW stage into a scene that made a statement.

This collection left the attendees inspired and in awe. The premise is clear: Denver fashion is more than what it appears.

Rachel Marie Hurst

As a DFW veteran, Rachel Marie Hurst has made a name for itself in the local fashion scene. However, this collection was different from anything we’ve seen from her before. The looks were innovative, inspiring and dimensional.

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Hurst’s collection was built on accessories in various ways. From pearl embellishments to bows, belts, earrings and more, her looks were both elegant and sexy and striking. Each garment was pale blue, bold cobalt, or plain black and white. The result was a cohesive collection that progressed across the segment, but each look was incredibly different from the last.

Detail got the better of Hurst’s DFW show. The audience was drawn to every single aspect of every look. It was almost as if I never had enough.

Tara Hari Couture

This magnificent take on bridal fashion was timeless, vintage and chic. designer Zeljka Sladovic raised the stage at DFW with incredibly detailed clothing. The looks exuded shapes and materials deriving from Croatian culture as an ode to Sladovic’s legacy.

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The jute fabric has been transformed with elegant accessories and beads. The result was a delicately designed collection that brought the runway to life. These looks could have been in a museum, yet they captured the latest display of femininity.

Followed by a look with bridal pants and a cape, Sladovic joined model Trinity Thomas on the runway for a heartfelt moment where Thomas bowed to the incredible stylist who captivated audiences on such an intimate DFW night.

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It’s not often that writers are at a loss for words. However, this segment of the catwalk left us speechless.

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We could never have expected that designer’s collection Marginal Matilde led to the DFW stage. Dark music was accompanied by male models wearing what could be interpreted as fireproof suits or coveralls worn in a psychiatric hospital. With faces painted white, the models marched across the catwalk carrying wooden boards displaying white fabrics and shapes. The scene is difficult to describe because it was so vivid and captivating that it wasn’t easy to grasp right then.

But that’s the power of fashion.

Marginal managed to use runway fashion as a way to create emotions for the audience. Although the collection was unconventional, it was art in its purest form.

Marginal’s inspiration for the collection was the result of specific life experiences such as reading Anton Chekhov’s “Ward Number Six” and Ken Kessey’s “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, as well as visiting a friend in a psychiatric institute in Russia.

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The models in this segment were actors. Their cautious footsteps, distinct facial expressions, careful manners and definite movements told the story that Marginal intended to tell. While it was terrifying, there was also beauty in the collection that MARGINAL brought to Denver.

Each segment of Denver Fashion Week Night 4 was unique, yet each worked in harmony with the other. While most of the show celebrated femininity, MARGINAL’s strong closure was in stark contrast to the extreme masculine tones.

This show was a game changer for both DFW and Denver fashion. The innovation and creativity featured left audience members with a fire in their stomachs, longing for more.

Fortunately, as far as the fashion community in Mile High City is concerned, it’s just from here.

All photographs by Roxanna Carrasco. Video by David Rossa.

Stay tuned for full photo galleries that include runway looks, street style, and step-and-repeat photos.

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