3 Muslim fashion influencers on personal style

In continuation of our Muslim Women’s Day celebration with Muslim Girl, we spoke to three style aficionados we love, Lucy Looxi, Jullz Bek and Zeyaanah El Guthmy, about their vision of fashion, from modest to expressive. Read on to learn more about the creators, their fashion icons, and what inspires their unique personal style.

While you are here, hijabi women from all over the world discuss what beauty means to them.

Lucy Looxi

Do you remember a particular moment or person that inspired your current approach to fashion?

My interest in fashion started in 2015 when I first discovered the Korean band Big Bang. When I saw G-Dragon and his style, he inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and get creative with my outfits. It was then that I created my Instagram account and started following fashion accounts by posting photos of my outfits. G-Dragon showed me how refreshing it is to wear whatever you think looks good, regardless of what other people think. As a Muslim girl wearing hijab, I love to wear different garments and modestly shape them, and this constantly evolves my style.

In addition to Big Bang, I recently finished working on a museum exhibition on modest fashion in Sweden together with an extraordinary group. The positive feedback we have received from friends and people has been overwhelming. Blogging has always been a hobby of mine, but through the exhibition I have come to understand more and more that what I do is important and that we, as Muslim women, have to take a place in the fashion scene and show what we can do.

How would you describe your style in one sentence?

A varied mix of modest streetwear.

Besides G-Drgaon, are there any fashion icons of today that you seek inspiration for?

I really admire Bella Hadid’s sense of style. Seeing her dresses and the way she puts different pieces together is so satisfying to me. There is a difference between wearing your own clothes and having your clothes wear you. She is one of those people who does not let clothes wear. I also like to see women wearing modest clothes. I follow Rawdah, Nawal, Leena Al Ghouti and many others. I love seeing how they layer their dresses and how they have styles so different they remain modest at the same time.

What is your favorite season to express yourself through fashion?

I would say that spring is my favorite, because it’s sunny outside and it’s not hot outside either. That’s when the heavy jackets come off and I can wear most of my wardrobe items, either layered or simply, depending on how I feel. The cold doesn’t stop me from wearing a thin leather jacket, vest or trench coat. It is also the season when I wear more color and have more freedom to express myself.

Julz Bek

How would you describe your style in one sentence?

Colorful, loud and ever changing.

Are there any fashion icons of today that you are looking for inspiration?

Jazzelle, Yoon Ahn and Zendaya. I am obsessed with everything they do.

What is your favorite season to express yourself through fashion?

Spring and summer. I feel like I have a lot more freedom to play with different silhouettes during the warmer season.

What is a dream collaboration you would like to see in fashion?

An AREA x Iris Van Herpen collaboration would be crazy!

Zeyaanah El Guthmy

When did you approach fashion?

I’ve been in fashion for as long as I can remember. At school, I found ways to adapt my uniform to my personal style. With that, being a Kenyan-Yemeni living in Dubai has put me in an identity crisis for as long as I can remember, and fashion is my way of making sense of my identity. Fashion has always been my way of expressing myself.

Are there any fashion icons of today that you are looking for inspiration?

For the past two years, it has been Luka Sabbat. I love his personal take on modern alternative streetwear, as well as the R&B and hip-hop influences of the 90s that bring a culture that feels familiar.

What is your favorite season to express yourself through fashion?

Winter. Due to the cold, it is easier to overlap without overheating. I love to layer hoodies, sweaters, snow pants and different types of textures.

Which two brands would you like to see collaborating?

Pleasures and Chrome Hearts. I love the uniqueness of the Pleasures designs that are very dominant in the skating culture and the familiarity of Chrome Hearts would work well together. Especially considering how very unexpected Pleasures is, it leaves me with a sense of curiosity about what they could come up with together.

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