3 JVN products that transformed a beauty writer’s curls

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A founder of a hair care brand once told me (and paraphrasing), “Frizz is your hair reaching heaven for hydration.” I can’t tell you who said it or what brand they founded, but that quote is permanently ingrained in my mind. Since following this advice, I have found that the key to making my curls defined and sensual is to keep my hair hydrated and my locks soft. Through my endless cocktail of products, I came across three products from JVN that gave me rich girl curls.

As the resident hair expert on the incredibly healthy and moving Weird eye reboot, Jonathan Van Ness had a tall order to fulfill when his eponymous hair care line, JVN, was announced. Celebrity beauty brands are a dime dozen and most of them are insignificant, so I didn’t bother having expectations, which only made the effectiveness of the products even more enjoyable.

My hair looked commercially shiny and straight which was stunning. I’ve always thought that since I have a 3A curl pattern, this newfound sensuality wasn’t an option; my curls were inherently too unruly for that kind of elegance, but JVN proved me wrong. After a few uses of these products, I had rich girl hair. You know, the kind of hair that looks like you’ve spent thousands of dollars and countless hours. As you may have never experienced heat damage or dandruff in your life, and the water in your shower comes from a completely pure stream in the Swiss Alps. Shop and read more about JVN hair change products below.

The shampoo does a great job of making your hair look clean but not dry or stripped. I usually avoid shampooing more than twice a week for this very reason, but I actually found that my hair could tolerate and even thrive when I used Nurture Moisturizing Shampoo every other day.

I have lived much of my life assuming that the most important product for the definition and general appearance of my curls is a leave-in conditioner or an air-dried product. Over the past couple of years, however, I’ve found that if you find the right conditioner, you won’t actually need drops of post shower cream to awaken your curls. I haven’t been able to completely give up on a curl cream, but I’m less addicted to it (and I can keep up with anything that cuts out of my routine).

Thinking about putting oil anywhere near my locks made me panic. I couldn’t imagine the nutritional benefits that outweigh the cons of greasy, weighted, and limp strands. But I’ll try anything a couple of times for the sake of beauty. After the shower and with my hair still wet, I put three small drops on my fingertips, rubbed them together and very deliberately dispersed the oil through my hair, being careful to avoid my roots. After my curls dried, my hair looked like I somehow wore a makeup-like highlighter. My locks caught the light without looking greasy and shimmered for the next 14 hours.

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