3 business casual fashion tips for recent graduates: The Appalachian

Looking beyond graduation and job interviews, the dress code of your new internship, and any future professional environment, you don’t have to make up for your style for your career. If you’re looking to dress your best in the office, here are three tips for mastering the business casual look like a recent college graduate.

Invest in everyday basics

To build your corporate wardrobe from scratch, you need to go back to the basics. Here are some basic elements to take care of a wardrobe that anyone can wear.

First, a black jacket And dress pants setting up. These can be purchased separately, but are the simplest workwear you will need. Once you have these, you can play with the undershirts and colorful shoes, but they are good pieces to build the rest of your outfits.

On top, make sure you have basic colored blouses or polos on the deck. These are best in colors like white, Navy blue And Grey.

These tops pair perfectly with minimal patterned trousers or trousers and can be worn under a blazer. Some secure prints are plaiddama o gingham. The same goes for skirts. For both pencil skirts And shorter skirts, sticking to basic colors and patterns will make getting dressed in the morning easier.

For clothes, some options you’ll want to keep close are a classic sweater dress and any full coverage mid-length dress. The dresses are easy to put on because they don’t require a lot of style other than shoes and accessories.

The accessories are not unprofessional

Jewelry may seem distracting to some employers, but there’s no need to tone down for a boss. A long statement necklace goes best with a simple top. Instead of a necklace, you could opt for one set of braceletsa look oa cuff as your statement piece. It is better to choose one piece than the rest of your outfit.

A claw clip to hold the hair up and the bangs to the side is a modern take on the professional hairstyle. If your clip matches a color in your outfit, you’re one step closer to looking together. Nowadays, there is a lot of claw clip design to choose different from the original one.

Being behind a desk or computer can be tiring multiple days a week, so investing in a pair of blue light glasses is not only smart for your eyes, it also offers a more professional and studious look.

You don’t have to wear heels every day

Don’t just think that heels are necessary for work. There are many other footwear options that don’t have the potential to be painful.

Slip-on shoes may still be appropriate for the job. Black loafers with chain they are simple but classy for their price. If you wear these, make sure your jewelry is also the same shade of gold.

A Pointed it’s a modern take on ballet flats, which have always seemed to be the only other business casual option alongside heels. While you are still lying down, add a strap to an otherwise thin shoe for a different shoe with more coverage.

If you’re still looking for some elevation, there are more comfortable work shoes with some length. Some chunky white loafers would look better with ankle socks and patterned pants. A square heel It will still make you feel closer to the ground and easier to get into.

By gathering just a few pieces from this list, you are ready for the first important moments of adult life. Make sure you dress appropriately for the occasion and don’t be afraid to let your personal style shine at work.

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