29 viral fashion brands on TikTok you need on your radar

You know Abercrombie. you know Aritzia. You absolutely know Levi’s. And unless you’ve been living under a rock, or have resisted jumping on the TikTok bandwagon (impressive), you probably also know that these brands are viral on the platform. But it’s not just old-school labels claiming TikTok. Generation Z influencers are also lifting smaller brands like Cider and Mirror Palais from their relatively unknown states and straight into the FYPs of millions of users.

Since the hype about TikTok is real and the discovery of new labels offers real entertainment at this point, we share 29 viral fashion brands on TikTok that you and your algorithm need on the radar right now. Let the scrolling begin.

Thousands of millennials had Abercrombie hoodies and T-shirts crowding their (guilty) lockers. But the brand once known for its dimly lit shops and excessive use of cologne has grown from its triggering past to become more inclusive of style and size. The #Abercrombie hashtag has over 250 million views on the app right now, with TikTok influencers gathering evidence with its line of Curve Love jeans, wrap dresses and best-selling home wear.

As loyal Amazon shoppers, we’re not surprised to see Gen Z folks snatch up some of their best bits on Amazon, including Y2K accessories, designer knockoffs, basics worth the money, and more. The corset below is an example; has over 3 billion (!) views on TikTok, thanks to users’ mass leap into the corset trend with this $ 30 pick.

You probably grew up wearing Converse, you might even be wearing a pair right now, but that doesn’t mean the brand won’t cross your For You page at some point. The creators of the app love to show off their Converse collections consisting of old-school Chuck Taylor, platforms, and the now infamous Run Star Hike shoes.

If you thought Ugg’s popularity peaked in the early years, think again. Ever since the brand introduced the Ultra Minis, an ankle-length version of its classic shearling calf boots, people have been obsessed with the capital O for the brand’s soft footwear. (Videos on how to model the Ultra Mini in particular have reached nearly 90 million views on TikTok.) Other noteworthy highlights from the brand include the Fluff Yeah slide (a Hailey Bieber favorite), the Tasman X (spotted this winter on Irina Shayk), the Coquettes (Addison Rae’s pick).

You know the brand’s yoga leggings (Alo’s TikTok account has over 262,000 loyal followers), but its flirtatious tennis skirt nearly made its way onto the internet last year, and possibly the fact that Alo also signed Kendall Jenner. as a brand ambassador. The creators love to showcase the brand’s signature workout sets on different body types in #aloyogahauls, making it much easier for you to shop your picks and see how cute all of the IRL colors are.

Aritzia’s Melina Pants should have their own TikTok account at this point because there’s rarely a day they don’t make an appearance on someone’s FYP. Generation Z dwellers can’t get enough of these straight-leg faux leather trousers, available in 27 colors and with short, regular and high-rise internal seams. (Aritzia is really giving people what they want.) Even the brand’s best-selling down jacket, available in too many colors and fits, is the stuff of legends.

The clamor of Lululemon will not stop. The brand’s beloved leggings, bike shorts and sports bras are a mainstay of the app, which appears in hundreds of millions of training tests and videos.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Girlfriend Collective changed the athleisure game. Using recycled plastic bottles, fishing nets and other waste, the direct-to-consumer brand is known for its leggings, tracksuits and sports bras (sizes range from XXS to 6XL), with 37 million videos praising clothes fit and feeling in “realistic tests”.

PS: these are Fast shop products: you don’t have to leave Charm to buy them.

Launched in 2018, Set Active is known for its matching sets. In addition to sharing “new drop” spools that challenge the brand’s signature stretch fabrics, Set Active founder Lindsey Carter often gives followers an inside look at campaigns, daily office life, and the influencer strategy of the brand. ‘agency.

Watch any number of Skims’ unboxing or rehearsal videos and you’ll notice a common thread: it’s rave review after rave review. In addition to the brand’s basic but better undergarments, users are shocked at how beautiful her long ribbed dress looks.

When TikToker Hannah Schlenker released this video in 2020 after joining the Aerie Fam, the brand’s Crossover leggings were sold out for weeks. As other creators got their hands on the leggings, more videos arrived. Fast forward to date, you can find this iconic crisscross belt on many different styles, from bike shorts to high-waisted swimwear.

Another athleisure favorite is Nike. The creators of TikTok love the OG sportswear brand for doing everything from training to errands thanks to the trusted versatility and fit of its designs. Nike truly has something for everyone, from the guy who loves to throw sneakers on Depop to that one lass who starts her day with a dance workout at 5am.

The popularity of Mejuri’s croissant rings and “editor” hoops translated surprisingly well from Instagram to TikTok – after all, affordable trendy girl jewelry makes great video and in-feed content. Aside from the aesthetically pleasing outfit details, TikTokers truly appreciates the quality of Mejuri’s jewelry, which is known for offering timeless designs at fair prices.

Flower Charm! Sparkling anklets! Tennis chokers! Adina’s Jewels is a must-have shop for kitschy 2000s-inspired jewelry, perfect for accessorizing your summer outfits. The brand also has a little high jewelry curation and custom pieces to choose from.

When it comes to finding the perfect denim, Levi’s is where it is. Evidence of the brand’s iconic fits is skyrocketing on TikTok, with users showing how popular styles look and feel across different body types.

TikTokers love low-cost fashion loot, and that’s where Cider comes in. The online boutique is part of a new generation of viral fashion brands on TikTok, with over 3.9 billion views for the #ciderclothing hashtag on the app. Cider sells a wide variety of on-trend and plus-size dresses, with many pieces sounding under $ 30.

Like Cider but not quite it’s Storets, which TikTokers loves for high bases. Highlights include oversized button placket and color-coordinated sets in mood-enhancing shades.

It’s no exaggeration to say that no one loves Zara more than TikTokers. With nearly 8 billion views, you’ll find new arrivals every week with the latest Zara drops that, once gone, are lost.

Winter may be over now, but The North Face had a great season on the app when videos of people in puffers were ubiquitous. Given the quality of the Aritzia Super Puff, it’s not hard to see why: the cold flake offers warmth, functionality and style.

This famous e-tailer got off to a great start on Instagram, but TikTok style stars love it just as, if not more, thanks to garments (think denim, cute dresses and sets) that manage to be trendy but never overdone superior. . In addition to her own designs, Princess Polly also carries labels like Lioness (which you may have seen on Shopbop).

RiRi’s Savage x Fenty ambassadors and loyal customers have no problem getting into their ski lifts for some content. The consensus on the pieces including the brand’s size is quite clear. As one user said: “Are you kidding? I look good.

From romantic ruffled dresses to soft touches of pink, For Love & Lemons serves just the right amount of sexy cotton for play dress up and go to garden parties.

Signed by a long list of A-listers (hello, Kylie Jenner), Frankies Bikinis just might be one of the hottest swimsuit names right now, literally and figuratively. The Los Angeles-based brand just landed a $ 18 million investment from Victoria’s Secret to expand its swim and apparel businesses, bringing you loads of novelty in the form of string bikinis, cropped one-pieces and inspired swimwear. the year 2000 which leave little to the imagination.

Edikted is to Gen Z what Nasty Gal was to millennials in their late teens and early 20s. Known for its edgy motorcycle jackets, cropped tops, and year 2000-inspired mini skirt sets, Edikted has all the pieces you’d want to borrow from your awesome big sister’s closet. Celebrities (and their stylists) have also captured the label: Megan Fox just wore an up-and-coming brand set with Amina Muaddi boots.

You might remember I.Am.’s infamous plush coat from a few years ago – that caramel-colored jacket pack was as popular then as Frankie Shop’s quilted puffer jacket is today – and the brand is back on Generation Z’s radar after a short hiatus. Come for the matching cropped sets, stay for the Coachella fits, with a rabbit hole of test videos to inspire your next look.

Classic sneakers seem to be a trend on TikTok, and Vans joins Converse and Air Force 1 as another Gen Z favorite. Watch the creators try out classic Old Skool sneakers, slip-ons and high tops in some of the new shades.

If lounge life has chosen you, you’ll enjoy watching the TikTokers live their best lives in Champion’s tracksuit. OG home wear brand has serious street cred nowadays and you can find the best sellers on Amazon and Urban Outfitters.

Romantic tops and floral dresses are the backbone of TikTok’s ASTR the Label fava beans. Creators love to specifically include the brand in holiday clothing dips, thanks to airy fabrics and chic silhouettes that don’t cost a full month’s salary to make you feel your best.

Luxury brands are also having a moment on the app and TikTok users can’t get enough of Mirror Palais. The label is known for its mind-boggling outfits, like the viral Fairy Dress, which leaves users speechless during rehearsals, or its floss halter number over the shoulder. The pieces are high priced, so you may want to bookmark this brand for special occasions.

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