15 best deals: bags, binoculars and hair technology

Now that it is officially spring, you may be in the mood for a new bag to take to the street (along with freshly styled hair). Or maybe you wanted to devote yourself to birdwatching? Since you’ll be gone, you should probably add a security camera to keep an eye on things at home. We found deals on some of our favorite products for all of the above. Stay inside? Earlier in the week, we picked up great deals on tablets, TVs, and monitors as well.

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Scholarship offers

If none of these strike your fancy, we’ve tested dozens of different types of bags. Check out all of our buying guides for more options: shoulder bags, camera bags, backpacks, purses and suitcases.

Lo & Sons Pearl shoulder bag

Photography: Lo & Figli

This is one of our favorite shoulder bags. It’s big enough to hold everything you need to carry – up to an 11-inch iPad Pro can fit in the center pocket, with great organization, but it’s still slim. It is also quite cute and goes well with various outfits. We’ve seen it drop below $ 200, but that’s still a pretty good deal on an expensive bag.

If you prefer a shoulder bag to a handbag or backpack, this is a favorite of WIRED reviewer Jaina Gray. She says he is the first of her of her kind that she fell in love with. The main compartment has a key clip and a sunglass point, and the strap has a magnetic closure so you can take it off at any time. Even filled with all the essentials for a day out, it won’t feel bulky against your back or chest. Unfortunately, only the blue and lunar colors are discounted right now.

Moment Rugged Camera Harness

Photography: moment

Moment is a photography brand, so they know something about keeping expensive equipment intact and easily accessible. We love its Rugged Camera Sling, with its modular interior that fits different lenses or cameras and accessories, depending on the size you get – 6 and 10 liters are available and both are discounted for $ 100. Its fabric is resistant to swelling. weatherproof (made with recycled sails!) and the back panel is designed to make you feel good no matter how long you are out shooting.

If you prefer a backpack, Moment has a great one too. The MTW is made from a super strong recycled nylon fabric with a double layer waterproof coating. We recommend the 21 liter size instead of the 17, but as with the harness above, both sizes are on sale at the same price right now. WIRED review editor Julian Chokkattu says that to get the most out of it, he needs the MTW camera insert, which is an additional cost (it’s discounted right now at $ 50). It gets cluttered very quickly, which we didn’t like, so try not to overload. This deal is also available directly from Moment.

Naito backpack by Chrome Industries

Photograph: Chrome Industries

We’re fans of almost every Chrome Industries bags we’ve tried. They’re sturdy and made with a tough nylon exterior – this Naito pack is 1050 denier, so it should last many years of regular use. It has a classic slim backpack look, but I was able to fill it with an iPad, Kindle, 15-inch laptop, notebook (and pens in dedicated slots), with a water bottle in the inside pocket.

The price of this bag has recently fluctuated, falling to this price or lower since the beginning of the year. It’s still a pretty good deal on one of the cheapest backpacks we’ve tested, and better yet it’s made from recycled plastic bottles. The two front pockets are large enough to hold a tablet or Kindle, and one has organizational compartments for pens and a keychain. The main compartment includes a 15 inch laptop sleeve. The gray straps in the top half look like a design element when you’re not using them, but they expand slightly to hold an umbrella. New York alone plants a tree for every bag sold.

Binocular offers

Our guide to the best binoculars has more choices you might like and explanations as to why they cost so much and what the model numbers mean (for example, “8×42” means its magnification will do something eight times bigger and the front lens is 42 millimeters).

Nikon Monarca M5

Photography: B&H

These Nikon binoculars are our first choice for people just getting started with bird watching. WIRED senior writer Scott Gilbertson says they strike the perfect balance of optical power, quality, and price. You’ll get bright views but less distortion in the sun, and they’re light enough, with a very comfortable strap, to hang around your neck all day. You can find this deal on Nikon’s website as well.

The Viper HD are our choice for the best high powered binoculars. They are often $ 500 on Amazon. As the number 10×42 in its name suggests, these offer 10x magnification, and Gilbertson says that’s a significant difference from eight. You’ll see larger things but with a narrower field of view, so it can be more difficult to track fluttering birds. You may also find blur in your peripheral vision.

Our favorite compact binoculars from Olympus are significantly cheaper than these at just $ 88 (they rarely hit Amazon’s price of $ 110), but the Zeiss Terra is an upgrade option if you can swing it. Despite its light weight and foldability, you will get sharp images from their 8X magnification. They also come with a waterproof case.

Hair technology offers

Be sure to read our guides to the best hair dryers, best hair straighteners, and best hair removal tools to learn more.

Headboard curls in check

Photograph: Headboard of the bed

This is the best looking hair dryer I’ve ever seen and it works well. It is also cheap. The mouth is huge, so you should be able to dry your hair faster than other models. I just wish there was a medium speed setting between low and high.

Make sure you choose the package you want on the right hand side before adding it to your cart. log into BEAUTY 50 checkout to see the discount. Shark’s hair dryer is powerful and comes with innovative accessories. It is especially useful for curly hair because the diffuser (in the curly set) is large and its tips can be shortened or lengthened to dry the roots or different hair lengths. The air concentrator is also adjustable for a larger or smaller opening instead of having to switch between them, and the drying brush accessory (which comes in the straight-style set) rotates for better positioning. The curly hair bundle is discounted at Walmart for $ 200 ($ 30 off), and the straight style bundle is also $ 30 off at Best Buy.

I think this dryer is too expensive for what it is, but I can’t deny that it works well. It has what the brand calls Advanced iLoop Smart Sensor technology to measure moisture levels in hair 20 times per second and automatically adjust heat and airflow settings. There is also an app.

Security Camera Offers

Check out our guides for the best security camera and best outdoor security camera for more options.

Arlo essential

Director of photography: Arlo

Arlo’s Essential is our favorite video doorbell. It has a 180 degree view and alerts come quickly with detailed videos. WIRED contributor Simon Hill says false alarms are rare and found that notifications are superior to the competition – an animated preview could save you from actually having to open the app. To get the most out of this doorbell, you should consider purchasing Arlo Secure for $ 3 per month. You can get this deal from Best Buy as well.

Arlo Pro 4 is our best choice of outdoor security cameras. You can only get a camera for around $ 180, but this package includes three and four batteries, a dual charger, anti-theft mounts, and a garden sign. We saw this drop of an additional $ 100 on Cyber ​​Monday, but even at this price it’s a pretty good deal on a large package.

You’ll need to sign up for SimpliSafe’s free one-month interactive monitoring to get this deal on its essential security system (9/10, WIRED recommends), but you can cancel later if it’s not your thing. It comes with a base station, keypad, motion sensor and three entry sensors for doors and windows. You can choose from the other preset bundles or create your own according to what you need – all are 20% off right now. This is another sale that was better on Cyber ​​Monday at a 50% discount, but if you don’t want to wait for another big selling event like that, this price isn’t bad.

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