13 Things Claire Sulmers, founder of Fashion Bomb Daily, would buy again

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Need some shopping inspiration? At Lucky 13, fashion experts share the 13 items they love so much they hit “Add to Cart” twice. Come on, join them.

Claire Sulmers has gone from Ivy League student (she is a proud Harvard alum) to style behemoth and founder of Fashion Bomb Daily. The journey led to one of the most engaging fashion news destinations in the industry and 180 personal style for its creator.

“I loved J.Crew and argyle: I was a pretty classic preparation, but a bit boring,” Sulmers tells us. “Working in fashion has allowed me to try so many things that I never would have tried before.” This goes for more than playing with the colors and silhouettes of her clothes: when we talk on the phone, Sulmers says that she recently wore a Sergio Hudson jacket again, but changed her hairstyle with every outfit. “Old Claire would have done it literally never she changed her hair, “laughs Sulmers.

Style becomes deeper than experimentation with what she wears. Sulmers describes her wardrobe as a canvas for showcasing overlooked fashion talent, largely from labels owned by blacks and black women. Recently, she expanded Fashion Bomb Daily to include an online boutique that highlights her favorite emerging designers. “I’m trying to help those who felt like me when I started, when there was no way in and there was no one to let you in,” she explains. “I’m looking for the girl who looks like me and wants to get involved in fashion, but she needs that extra push to keep it going.”

Up-and-coming labels feature heavily on Sulmers’ Lucky 13, along with the essentials that keep Sulmers connected and energized for his busy schedule. She buys the 13 items that make her list in advance.

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Double-breasted blazer in wool twill

“I am very fond of investment clothes. I love Balmain blazers so much. I think I have one for every day of the week. I love buttons that are bold and they are so versatile. You can literally wear it with anything: pants, jeans, skirts, whatever. What.”


Clay mask to lighten pores

“Part of my self-care ritual is to make a mask. I travel constantly and do makeup probably every other day. My skin takes a hard hit. Having this clay mask when I can’t get a face really lightens my face. my skin skin and makes me feel refreshed. It’s something I try to use at least every week to decompress. “


PowerStation universal external battery

“My work is my phone. I work from my phone and all my business is basically on social media and my website, so I can never afford to run out of battery. If I have to go to a party, my clutch bag is always has to fit my Mophie charger. You just have to stay connected all the time. “

“I work a lot with a company called Style Eyes Optical. They are an eyewear and sunglasses store in Brooklyn, owned by a Haitian American woman. The woman who works there, Margie Toney, is an eyewear stylist and chooses many frames. for me. I literally have an endless supply of sunglasses. “


Lip cream liquid lipstick

“Aside from MAC’s Ruby Woo, I’d say this color is the richest, deepest red I’ve ever used. It’s beautiful, matte and bold. It’s one of those universal lip shades that makes everyone look great. And the price is. marvelous.”


Round crystal circles of eternity

“This designer, Sybille Guichard, is a Haitian American artist from Miami. She contacted me and I loved her story. She has Crohn’s disease and her mother wanted her to work in the medical field, but she wanted to become a designer. So, without instructions or road map, she started designing shoe and accessory patterns from her hospital bed, and then she created a line that we now carry on. We brought her from scratch to have her pieces featured on Cardi B. She’s a of the designers I care about.

“For me, a hoop earring is just a must. I’ve been wearing gold and silver hoop earrings since I was a little girl. Having some crystal and sparkle is always a good thing for me.”

“I’m a candle fanatic. Every time I open my laptop, I light a candle. It relaxes me when I go to work. With that, I love the vanilla, the pink sugar, all these fragrances. I worked with a based candle maker. in Los Angeles to invent perfume. The gold jar was an important design note for me. I always like to adhere to a gold standard with everything in life, where you want to give your best and be excellent. I wanted to incorporate it into the candle “.


Solid daily lotion for skin therapy with cocoa butter formula

“I wear Palmer cocoa butter every day. I use it as soon as I get out of the shower. It keeps my skin hydrated all day, and it’s really all we need. They always tell me that my skin is so soft. Especially as a woman. color, nobody wants to be ashy and nobody wants to have dry skin. So this is super practical and useful for me. It works. “


AirPods (2nd generation)

“I’m always on the phone, so whether I’m listening to music or watching YouTube or a call, I use my AirPods for just about everything. I like running-slash-walks every day and listening to gospel music.”


Baccarat Rouge 540 Eau de Parfum

“I discovered this fragrance through a friend who used to work at Bergdorf Goodman. It tastes great and I remember smelling it and thinking it was a beautiful fragrance. It is soft, musky and a little unisex. Every time I wear it, it is. someone asks me what I’m wearing. Uber drivers say, “What are you wearing? I want to get it for my wife. “I always get compliments. Not that I’m totally compliment-driven, but when you wear something and someone compliments you, it confirms that you have good taste.


Full Armor 2.0 stretch silk stoned mask

“I found this brand through a shop called Pure Atlanta. The owner is an entrepreneur named Lizzie Pure. I think she’s so awesome. She came out with these crystal covered face masks. Of course you can wear a normal face mask, but why not wear one covered with crystals? I have a black with crystals, white with crystals and they go with everything. We have many masks, but these are my favorites if you want to add some sparkle to your watch. “


Foaming face cleanser

“For women, it’s always hard to find [face wash] that works for you. I’ve tried many different things, but I’ve been using CeraVe for at least a decade now. I rarely have pimples, I rarely have breakouts and I use it every day. I use it to rinse my makeup together with the Neutrogena wipes. “


Skinny jeans in blue denim with 15 gold chains

“I’ve been wearing these for years. They really adhere to my style philosophy of classic with a kick. Everyone has classic jeans, but who has jeans with gold chains on them? Many times I wear them at the airport – which is a bad idea, because I stop going through security. But they’re amazing. I wear them with my Balmain blazers, wear them with sweaters, have literally been wearing them for years. They’re another conversation starter piece. “

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