10 Supermarket Beauty Bargains Better Than High-End: The 2022 Edition

Do you often find yourself grouping beauty items in your online shopping cart, only to gasp for a total bill that rivals the cost of your first car?

When weighing $ 150 for an eye cream – which promises you everything but his firstborn – are you tempted instead to let nature do its cruel way with your eyes?

Before you genuinely commit to the “My eye bags are Chanel” slogan T-shirt, you might want to take a look at the shelves at your local supermarket instead.

That’s right, wedged between the tampons and the men’s deodorant section with fragrances like “Axel” and “Hard Yakka”, some of the best beauty gems are hidden.

But it can be difficult to know where to look and not get distracted by those sales tags and placements in the biggest-than-life stores.

So I’ve done the hard work for you, finding the best supermarket beauty items for 2022, as well as a return favorite from our much-loved 2021 edition.

So keep your bags of gluten-free flour and a $ 19 block of cheese, because this trip to the supermarket might be your best one.

Nivea Coconut and Monoi Oil Body Lotion – $ 10.99

Nivea oil lotion.  Photo / Provided
Nivea oil lotion. Photo / Provided

“I don’t have time for this, I don’t have time for you!” You may be forgiven for mistaking these words for those of the false heiress Anna Delvey, but in reality it’s just me opening another bottle of lotion to find it lacks saving qualities.

In my 2021 article, I talked about my love for Nivea Naturally Good Avocado Lotion and while I support those comments, this new version of Nivea has taken the cake: a delicious coconut cake.

It continues like a dream and leaves no stickiness, with a beautiful light oil base that leaves my skin enriched and hydrated all day.

Essano Rosehip Hydrating Foaming Cleansing Gel – $ 16

Essano rosehip cleanser.  Photo / Provided
Essano rosehip cleanser. Photo / Provided

I said it once and I repeat it: this is the best facial cleanser of all time. Of all times.
It’s luxurious and takes off your makeup like a dream, plus it’s gentle enough to use on the most sensitive skin yet labor-intensive enough to make you feel perfectly clean.

I use this $ 16 gem as my first night cleanse (you simply need to know the luxury of a double clean in this life) and have yet to find a person who remains unconverted after trying it. Buy it now – you won’t regret it.

Loreal Revitalift Filler Plumping Face Mask – $ 8

Plumping mask L'Oreal.  Photo / Provided
Plumping mask L’Oreal. Photo / Provided

I am known to feel let down by expensive cloth masks, looking in the mirror trying to reassure myself that I absolutely see differences in my skin that are worth the $ 50 price tag.

But the $ 8 I dropped on this mask left me in no doubt: I lied to myself.

Eventually, my skin was instantly hydrated and firm, which made this mask my best choice to use on the day of a big event, or in a Covid world, a long Zoom day.

Maybelline Colossal Go Extreme Volumizing Mascara

Maybelline Colossal Go Extreme.  Photo / Provided
Maybelline Colossal Go Extreme. Photo / Provided

If there’s one question I’m asked the most about beauty, it’s which mascara really is the best and for years I’ve had an answer, Maybelline Colossal.

I love a soft toothbrush, I love the parting of the lashes and I love the instant length and the updated Go Extreme Colossal gives me all the things I loved about the original Colossal with an extra touch of drama.

Unlike the squid, this Colossal isn’t that hard to find and doesn’t terrify Te Papa’s children with its advanced decomposition.

Bondi Sands Pure Facial Bronzing Drops – $ 22

Bondi Sands self-tanning drops as well.  Photo / Provided
Bondi Sands self-tanning drops as well. Photo / Provided

Listen to me. While this particular product can be found at the likes of Chemist Warehouse, supermarkets still sell Bondi Sands, so it’s on the list.

I have tried many face tanning products in an attempt to match my highly SPF face with my summer skin, and I felt completely disappointed. My perfect combination is twice a week, 6 drops mixed in my night cream and boom … glowing tanned skin all year round.

Think Drunk Elephant Glow Drops, but they don’t wash off and one bottle lasts a full year. Thank me later.

Mcobeauty Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin C Facial Moisturizing Serum – $ 40

MCoBeauty face serum.  Photo / Provided
MCoBeauty face serum. Photo / Provided

I dropped a few coins on acid and vitamin serums with promises that rivaled wedding vows – “to have and keep, plump and diminish, in wrinkles and wrinkles.” – and I was completely disappointed.

This $ 40 serum has become a cult beauty item and it’s easy to see why. It does what it says it will, leaving skin more even in texture and looking radiant and healthy.

I alternate it with my high-end serums, using this specifically on the neck and décolleté. If you think I’m putting that $ 150 around my neck, you’re out of your mind.

Wet N Wild Photo Focus Foundation and Concealer – $ 11- $ 17

Photofocus Wet n Wild Concealer.  Photo / Provided
Photofocus Wet n Wild Concealer. Photo / Provided

I chose both the foundation and the concealer because I couldn’t separate them. They are both very good and both make promises they keep. Long lasting coverage – check! Hide imperfections – check! It costs less than $ 17 – check it out!

This concealer is a true power player and is perfect for a quick under-eye retouch with great blending ability.

If you’re looking for makeup-free makeup, try my makeup to dab a few drops of foundation (you have to dab, her wand is as useless as it is confusing) with your daily moisturizer and that’s it. it moves.

Glowlab Bodywash in Blackberry & Bay

Glow Lab Blackberry & Bay Body Wash.  Photo / Supplied
Glow Lab Blackberry & Bay Body Wash. Photo / Supplied

When I got this bubble bath in my Christmas stocking, I was in love with two things: one about how huge it was and two about how my family thought they could give me a quick shot by taking nearly my entire stocking with a giant body wash bottle. .

But the joke was on me because this bubble bath really rivals Jo Malone’s infamous Blackberry & Bay. Its scent is luxurious but not overly fruity and packs a spicy undertone.

Now, if anyone could just come up with a copy of Diptique for the supermarket shelf, I’d be very grateful to them.

Garnier Micellar Reusable Eco Pads – $ 17

Garnier reusable ecological mats.  Photo / Provided
Garnier reusable ecological mats. Photo / Provided

If you are not using reusable micellars and toners, then you are living in the past my friend.

Disposable is like this in 2020 and these eco-friendly pads are the very soft and very durable future with each pad that can be used up to 1000 times. Just be careful when washing as they will 100% fit into the corners of your fitted sheet and you don’t want to lose these treasures.

Essano Room Spray French Pear – $ 20

Essano room spray.  Photo / Provided
Essano room spray. Photo / Provided

I understand this isn’t skin care, but it’s a bonus item and pear is food (please don’t eat this room spray) so on the list it goes!

French pear has long been wrong, with sweet, sickly notes added by candle makers who were sure it was what people wanted. That’s not what we wanted, and that’s not what the pears smelled like.

This room spray brings the French pear back to its place and is sprayed over and over all over my home, as I bask in its glory.

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